Mesa Komal Kitchen

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Mesa Komal is a program of Conexión Américas (local non-profit). Mesa Komal carefully screens applicants in order to find indicators that suggest an entrepreneur’s business readiness level. This screen process is also based on our capacity in terms of space, equipment and availability in our schedule. Mesa Komal reserves the right to accept or reject applicants base on the following criteria or circumstances:

  • Entrepreneurial Skills and Competencies: Mesa Komal assesses the applicant’s professional experience, entrepreneurial spirit, openness to learning new skills and making necessary changes and an ability to cooperate in a challenging and busy environment.
  • Product Viability: The interview with the Culinary Incubator Manager of Mesa Komal will facilitate the knowledge to see if the proposed product or concept has the potential to be successful.
  • Community Spirit: Mesa Komal’s kitchen is a shared space and the incubator is a community that requires its members to work together. We look for candidates who will be:
    • Flexible in sharing equipment and able to work with the people around them
    • Capable of scheduling their kitchen use times in advance, adhering to their own schedules and planning realistically
    • Willing to share financial and business information and statistics with Conexión Américas/Mesa Komal staff
    • Willing to implement changes and take advice in order to improve their business or product
    • Open to finding new ways of doing business, including potential partnerships and/or collaborations with other tenants
    • Able to comply with Mesa Komal food safety and sanitation policies
    • Responsible for following the rules and regulations of Mesa Komal

Who May Use the Kitchen?

Anyone may apply to rent space at Mesa Komal!  Mesa Komal is a shared kitchen that requires its members to work alongside one another. Instead of working alone, entrepreneurs benefit from the spontaneous conversations regarding anything from upcoming events to cooking tips that naturally happen while working in the same kitchen.   As a nonprofit entity that seeks to serve our low-income and immigrant neighbors, priority will be given to those applicants.  We seek to encourage and promote the diverse food from all cultures who call Nashville home!

Business Types

Catering Companies ~ Food Trucks ~ Farmer’s Market Vendors ~ Retail & Wholesale Manufacturers

Mesa Komal is an ideal space for small entrepreneurs who want to start or expand their businesses.  It is certified by the Metro Health Department for licensed use by caterers and food producers who sell unpackaged food directly to customers.  It also is certified by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture for the production and packaging of retail and wholesale food products.  Please note that acidified foods, such as shelf-stable pickles and sauces, will require additional paperwork, licenses, and oversight.

Mesa Komal is the perfect place to host a pop-up restaurant event — pre-sell dinner tickets or host an open invite lunch here!  The kitchen can accommodate a limited number of food trucks so please contact us with questions regarding pricing for your food truck business needs.

The kitchen is not quite suited for large-scale catering events (200+ people) or high production volume, due primarily to limited prep areas and cooler space.  Additionally, preparation and packaging of raw or cooked meat for retail or wholesale is prohibited at Mesa Komal.  This process requires USDA certification and oversight, which is not available at our facility.  [Meat-as-an-ingredient exceptions: (1) If you are not packaging the meat product but are serving/selling it directly to consumers to eat immediately; (2) If you are packaging the meat as part of a sandwich between two pieces of bread.]

The kitchen is not quite suited for the manufacturing of CBD oil based foods and Acidified foods to due to manufacturing processes.

Kitchen Hours

The kitchen is available 24/7 (hours need to be scheduled) and only monthly plans are available.  Click here for more pictures and full list of available equipment.

Rental Rates

Members of Mesa Komal pay a monthly rate with all services included.

All utilities, Linens, Pest Control, Garbage bags, Dumpster, Oil recycling, Sanitizing solution and cleaning supplies, Hood maintenance, access to internet, and kitchen permits paid up to date.

Please contact Java Hemmat, at to discuss your needs.

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