Looking to hire a catering company for an upcoming event?  Use one of the catering companies, food trucks or market vendors who are cooking at Mesa Komal!  As the kitchen grows, we will continue to expand this list.

*Please note that Conexion Americas does not book catering events nor take any responsibility regarding the success of the event.  Each of our entrepreneurs have their own business and we appreciate any and all feedback!

Burritos la Mina Burritos la Mina

(615) 569 7278

Ramon Hernandez

Current Member

Food Truck

Chai Wallah Tea Company Chai Wallah Tea Company

(615) 947 7703

Tasha Lemley

Current Member

Wholesale and Retail

City Kitchen City Kitchen

(615) 400 9712

Michael Gilbert

Current Member

Food Truck and Catering

Daddy Bob's Daddy Bob's

(205) 410 1501

Alex Kimberling & Sims Henry

Current Member

Wholesale and Retail

Delicias Colombianas Delicias Colombianas

(615) 945 2666

Ruth Rico

Current Member


Desserts by Mo Desserts by Mo

(615) 498 5869

Monet Baker

Current Member

Catering and Wholesale

Fly Boys Nashville Fly Boys Nashville

(615) 917 3734

Jon Solaro & James Hughes

Current Member

Food Truck and Catering

Gigamunch Gigamunch


Enis Cirak

Current Member

Catering and Prepared Foods

Healthy Grub Healthy Grub

(646) 203 6991

Johnna Palermo

Food Truck

Hummus Chick Hummus Chick

(615) 294 3458

Java Hemmat

Current Member

Market Vendor

Juniper Green Juniper Green


Lyndi and Molly

Current Member


La Estrellita Loncheria La Estrellita Loncheria

(615) 496 1245

Santos Vega & Maria Elva Resendiz

Food Truck

Little Gourmand Little Gourmand

(615) 522 7134

Gunievre Milliner

Current Member

Catering and Retail

Music City Fit Meals Music City Fit Meals

(615) 506 1989

Lalo Jatta

Current Member

Prepared Foods and Retail

Oliver's Icebox Oliver's Icebox

(231) 690 2641

Josh Dumas

Current Member

Catering and Market Vendor

Que Delicias Catering Que Delicias Catering

(615) 268 6407

Elvira Vasquez

Current Member


Two Thompsons Two Thompsons

(615) 496 4616

Melanie Overby & Rodney Thompson

Current Member

Food Truck, Catering, Wholesale, and Retail