Are you ready to gather with some friend and enjoy a fun class where you will learn how to make homemade beer and BBQ?

This class is for you!

Join Chef Zack Jenkins, Co-owner of Electric Sliders Food Truck, to learn from his passion for beer and BBQ.

You will learn to make BBQ rubs and sauces and taste your creations with BBQ chicken and pork. Enjoy a variety of sample BBQ bites along with handcrafted beer demonstration and tasting.

Please join us!

Friday, March 11, 2016 | 6 PM-8 PM | Buy Tickets

Mesa Komal, a program of Conexión Américas.

Questions? Contact Rosa Martha Mulanax, Culinary Incubator Manager at 615-835-2509 or via email at


Date posted: January 28, 2016

Categories: Mezcla Cooking Class