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The kitchen at Conexión Américas

  • Interested in starting a new food business or expanding your existing company?

The kitchen is available to entrepreneurs who own, or want to start their own food business. Currently storage and refrigerator space are limited.

  • Are you brainstorming the next best idea (perhaps your grandmother’s delicious secret recipe)?

Our Culinary Incubator Manager has years of culinary experience and is available to help guide you through the process of starting a food business.  Please use the Resources section on our website to support your exploration.

The Mesa Komal commercial kitchen is a program of Conexión Américas, and exists inside the beautiful Casa Azafrán Community Center on 2195 Nolensville Pike.  The kitchen is conveniently attached to an event space, perfect for business meetings, family gatherings or culinary events with on-site food service.