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Mesa Komal is a program of Conexión Américas, a nonprofit that assists Latino families in realizing their aspirations for social and economic advancement by promoting their integration into all aspects of life in Middle Tennessee.  Conexión Américas was founded in 2002 to address the pressing challenges, and opportunities, created by demographic changes in Middle Tennessee as an increasing number of Latino families moved to our state.

In the 15 years since our founding, Conexión Américas has assisted families and individuals in achieving goals such as buying homes, starting businesses, improving their conversational English, navigating systems in their new community, learning their rights and responsibilities, helping their children succeed in school, and bettering their lives through nationally recognized services and programs.

About our Name

Mesa:  Spanish for “table”
Komal:  Kurdish for “community”
Comal:  Spanish for “griddle”

We chose the name as a banner for our kitchen: everyone is welcome at the table.  The call of a warm meal brings us to the table, creating community and fostering conversation and connections.