Do you want to learn how to cook delicious South African Cape Malay-style food? Then take part of this  AMAZING class with Tharina De Beer.

Cape Malay traditional food is best known in Cape Town and is influenced by the area’s diverse indigenous African, Asian and European communities.  Often compared to Cape Dutch style cooking,  this food carries the culinary technique of slaves who were brought to the Cape from Malaysia and Java by the Dutch East India company. Spices such as nutmeg, ginger, chili and allspice are dominant in this cuisine.

Tharina DeBeer will guide us through a two-course menu while enjoying refreshing beverages.

When:  Tuesday, July 22/2014

Time: 6 pm to 8 pm

Cost: $40  || Buy Ticket

Buy your ticket now before it sells out!

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Mother's Day Brunch

 Riff’s Mother’s Day Brunch to benefit Conexión Américas

Celebrate Mother’s Day during a delicious and creative locally-sourced buffet sure to make every mom a happy mom. Dishes include  Yazoo-braised short ribs, grilled “yard bird,” a biscuit station and Gulf Shrimp, Pork Belly and Smoked Tomato Grits.

Created by the talented Carlos Davis of Riff’s Fine Street Food, the event will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Courtyard seating available. Pre-purchase your tickets to reserve your seat!  Walk-ins are welcome, but a short wait may be necessary. We are excited to serve you!

$26.50  adults – $12.50 children 10 and under

20% of your ticket price goes to support the work of Conexión Américas

(gratuity not included)

Sunday Brunch Menu

Sorrel Punch & Honey Ginger Green Tea Biscuit Action Station Cinnamon & Coconut Dusted Fried Plantains Farmer’s Market Vegetable Hash Riff’s Mac n’ Cheese Gulf Shrimp, Pork Belly and Smoked Tomato Grits

KLD Farms short ribs Sourdough French Toast with Berry Compote, Passion Fruit, Salted Caramel Hatcher Dairy Buttermilk Chicken with Jalapeno-Orange Hollandaise Made-to-order Eggs

Porter Road Butcher Sausage Special Assorted desserts

Make reservations here and buy your tickets today!

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Mesa komal Chefs

The Scoop on Community Kitchens – The Tennessean Taste

On Wednesday, March 5th, The Tennessean published an article about Nashville’s community kitchens – places where small-business owners can get started and find community and camaraderie.  Three of our favorite Mesa Komal chefs were interviewed and pictured in the article!

Sunlight reflects off a wall of colorful tiles as Brittney Blackshear rolls out her baguette dough on the vast countertop space…”Coming here and seeing so many other business owners that are working just as hard as I am and just as passionate is really motivating to keep going,” Blackshear said.  ”You know, Mesa Komal, we live that,” Carlos Davis said.  ”We are that kind of community.”

Read the full article online at The Tennessean and see more pictures.


The Chef, Carlos Davis – The Nashville Scene People 2014

In other news, Carlos Davis, chef and owner of Riffs Catering, was named as one of the Nashville Scene People of 2014!  In addition to highlighting his diverse culinary background, the article shares his talent, popularity, and passion for teaching his son about the importance of knowing the source of your food.

As Carlos says, “Food is meant to bring people together.”  Mesa Komal is proud to support community-building chefs like Carlos.

Read the full article online at The Nashville Scene.



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Shawn from NPT

One of the initiatives of Nashville Public Television is a series of videos telling the stories of our next door neighbors.  Our neighbors who were not born and raised in Nashville, but who now call this city home.  Three of our Mesa Komal chefs worked with Shawn Anfinson from NPT over a span of 2 months.  He arranged interviews, filmed them in the kitchen, and generously taught them how to put it all together to make their own video to tell their story.  Carlos, a native of Barbados, shares how his island childhood shapes his passion for food. The daughter of pioneering parents, Java hails from the United Arab Emirates and has brought her middle eastern roots to her hummus business.  And Brenda (not pictured) was forced to flee her native El Salvador during the civil war and came to the United States after many years in Belize.

Each video is only about 3 minutes long, but you may want to grab a friend and some tissues.  These are some inspiring stories.

Brenda, of the Churro Queens

Java, of Hummus Chick

Carlos, of Riffs Fine Street Food


Date posted: February 25, 2014

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Tapas - Miro

Dinner in Spain is not served until after 9:30 pm but not to fear! “Tapas” – or Spanish appetizers are abundant throughout the evening hours to cover your hunger in a social setting that is both entertaining and delicious. “Tapar” in Spanish means “to cover” – one possible explanation for the word “tapas”. They used to be thought of as peanuts or trail mix but have evolved into so much more!  In fact there is a national contest consisting of the winners of regional contests throughout Spain each year to choose the best ones in the country.

A few observations- tapas are rarely served in homes and not something to get “to go” and then take home either.  They are bite sized and are eaten standing up- this strategically allows for mobility. It is typical in Spain to meet up with friends for tapas and it is easy to move around the room to converse with all of them or to meet new friends as you are not seated at a table.

Spain has some of the best chefs and restaurants in the world as well as the highest quality of ingredients.  For the same reasons, eating out has become expensive and can require reservations made well in advance for the most exclusive restaurants. Tapas, however, have made high cuisine affordable and accessible to everyone. Most restaurants will serve tapas without a need to wait for a table and you can turn them into your meal by ordering three or four.

Continue reading Tapas – The Art of the Appetizer

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Costa Rica Class

Still wish you could give someone the world for Christmas? While you may not be able to wrap up a plane ticket to a dream destination, you can send friends and family on trips from the Caribbean to Cambodia via Mesa Komal(community table) at Casa Azafrán Community Center. Gift certificates are available for monthly Mezcla Mix and Master Cooking Classes where chefs share their skills and cultures…

Read more from writer Cindy McCain’s experience at the Mezcla Mix & Master Cooking Class! 

Gift Certificates are $40 each and are available for purchase online.
Each one valid for any Mezcla International Class in 2014!


Date posted: December 17, 2013

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Glencliff Interns


One of our Casa Azafrán neighbors is Glencliff High School, a very vibrant and diverse school. There are over 42 different nationalities and 26 languages represented in their student population! Beginning in 2008, the Career Academy curriculum has been offering students the skills necessary for them to enter the work force or attend college to pursue post-secondary training and education. Under this Academy program, Glencliff is the only ACF certified culinary arts program in the state of Tennessee.

Throughout this fall, the seniors from the Culinary Arts program have been coming to our Mesa Komal commercial kitchen to learn from and work alongside our chefs.  The students have been assisting Carlos Davis (Riffs Catering), Hunter Briley (Music City Pie Company) and Brittany Blackshear (Crepe A Diem) to help them prepare for special events, make pie dough for 500 pies, and break down the weekly farmer’s market haul.

Additionally, two students have spent time with our preschoolers who come while their parents take English classes offered through Conexión Américas.   The students developed the mini-cooking class for the children, teaching them about healthy food and the value of tasting new things.  Thank you Glencliff Students!

Date posted: December 4, 2013

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Mesa Komal Thanksgiving Order

As the holidays approach, many of us are anticipating a time to gather with friends and family and share a meal together.  The Mesa Komal Chefs have joined together to supply everything you will need for your holiday festivities!  The order form lists all items from each of our small businesses.  You can mix and match to meet your needs.  Simply order online and pick up your items on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

And don’t forget that many of these items make great gifts as well!

Mesa Komal Holiday Order Form



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Egyptian Class

After visiting Peru in our October class, we are now traveling to Egypt, courtesy of chef Ragab Rashwan.  Ragab is the chef-owner of a new Nashville food truck called The Falafel Factory.  He will guide us through a three-course menu while enjoying traditional beverages.

Buy your ticket now before it sells out!  More details are available here.

$40 || Buy Tickets


Traditional Hummus & Taboule
Falafel with Tahini Sauce
Basbousa Dessert
Hibiscus Tea

Continue reading Mezcla: Egyptian Cooking Class

Date posted: October 24, 2013

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Best of Nashville

 Thank you, Nashville Scene for naming Mesa Komal “Best New Resource for Culinary Start-ups” in the 2013 Best of Nashville!

We are proud of incubating Nashville food entrepreneurs such as The Churro Queens, Que Delicias Colombian Catering, Riffs Catering, Music City Pie Company, The Hummus Chick, Crepe A Diem, Chubby Bunny and more.

Don’t forget about our monthly international cooking classes featuring the world cuisines of local immigrants and refugees These classes bring us together at the table, and support the programs and services of Conexion Americas.

The Nashville Scene Best of 2013:

Date posted: October 16, 2013

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